Feb 26, 2012

weekend wishlist - nu bambu, style369 & kate spade

My top three picks this weekend all have something in common, I just happened to stumble upon them.

1. Kate Spade - Emma Book Clutch  2. Style369 - Lovedrobe Trench Multi Rouche Dress
3.  Nu Bambu - Amethyst Leather Cuff

I'm a book worm, and always have been, which is probably why I find this book clutch by Kate Spade absolutely adorable, it comes with a hefty price tag for my budget, but I am in LOVE. I found this via pinterest. There are quite a few DIY tutorials floating around on there as well if you want one badly enough, but I fear that they might be heavier to carry around.

Second is a dress from Style369, a UK based plus-size line that ships to Canada for a decent rate! They have so many fabulous dresses, I could barely pick just one! I found this awesome company via twitter.

The cuff is from an independent shop on etsy named Nu Bambu. I believe she is based in New York and uses all kinds of amazing natural/raw stones. I love love love the combination of textures. "Nu Bambu is for the brave, the bold, and the fashionable." And if you order anything from the shop before Monday, February 27, just enter the code: PRESIDENTS25 for 25% off!

Hope everyone is enjoying watching all the celebs walk the red carpet! Who do you think is the best dressed? I'm loving Angelina Jolie's dress! I haven't seen any of the plus-size reps yet, but I hope they look smokin'

xxo, dee


  1. Replies
    1. i knowww! All of her stuff is just as amazing! I've fallen in love with the raw/natural amethysts, clearly going to be my new obsession, I can feel it already. haha

  2. 1. super cute cuff!
    2. I'm totally getting that book now!
    3. I freaking love PINTEREST! I'm either on that or tumblr!

  3. omG, the cuff is so pretty, nice blog :)



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