Mar 3, 2012

A girl's gotta shop.

I originally had an OOTD planned for this week, but the photos didn't turn out as I had planned. no fun.  I need a remote so that my sister isn't burdened with taking them. :( Here's a half pic of what I wore yday when I went shopping after work.

Sorry they're mirror pics, it was just a couple of quick shots.

Glasses: Ebay
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tank: Forever21 - it reads "j'aime pour toujours"
Hat: Aldo Accessories

As for my shopping trip? I scored a buttload of jeans from Penningtons for $7.50 a piece, it's their 50% off sale right now. They have a few cute pieces for spring, tops anyways, but they've reverted back to their old folks vibe though since they decided to merge MXM into Addition Elle only.

I liked this top the most, from what I saw so far, I was thinking I could pair it with a brown, high-waisted, A-line skirt,  cardi and thick corset stretch belt:

Printed Cowl Neck Top - $26 -Penningtons

I also had a chance to check out the new stock at Voluptuous, and O.M.G., girly girls rejoice. I'm in love. I wasn't allowed to take pics, and it doesn't seem to have any pics online, but lets just say that their collection of skirts is just plain fabulous. One in particular was a flowy polka dot high-low skirt, definitely a must-have.

I'll have another edition of my weekend wishlist up by tomorrow!

What's on your wishlist for spring?

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