Aug 19, 2012

weekend wishlist: gold rush

I don't know what it is about gold lately but it has me coveting absolutely everything even slightly dipped in gold. Here are a few of the goodies that I've put on my wishlist this week:

Metal Plate Bow Waist Belt - ASOS Curve - $26. 26 CAD

More under the cut! :)

Gold Metail Chain Necklace - Lollysheep via Etsy - $35.58 CAD

Patent Toe Ballet Flats: Forever 21 - $19.80 CAD

Nuggets Gold Necklace - Burnish via Etsy 

Pairing one of these with your LBD or a deep red dress like the one below keeps it classy without getting gaudy.

Tulip Dress with Tie Back in Oxblood - ASOS Curve - $56.02 CAD

Have you seen any gold pieces that you absolutely MUST have?

xxo, dee

ps. I can't wait until Addition-Elle wide calf boots hit the stores!!


  1. I'm so pumped for AE boots too!!!! I've got my eyes on a couple pairs.

    Those flats are CUTE. They would look so nice with jeans to add a little glamour. :)

    I'm a so crazy for gold right now. Check out a post I did on some recent purchases.

    Hopefully they will arrive soon!


    1. I definitely need those flats in my life and the boots from AE of course! lol

      I wanted the dress with the embellished sleeves too! I love the detail but definitely too short and when you add a big booty to the mix there really isn't anything stopping it from being a tunic. haha

      let me know what you think of those jeans from Dorothy Perkin's they are HOT.



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