Dec 2, 2012

weekend wishlist: stocking stuffers

I'm not entirely sure if this will sound cute or crazy, but my sister and I exchange stockings every year instead of doing the typical gift exchange. I think it's mostly because we miss the magic of Christmas morning with living on our own. When we were kids we use to get up at 4 in the morning to see if Santa had stopped by, needless to say, my parents needed more shut eye than 4 a.m. could afford, so we were always allowed to open our stockings first. I still think they were only included as a way to stall us. 

The first year my sister and I did it, we thought it would be a sweet way to save a little money but that proved to be a horrible idea, stockings are the worst to fill, especially with useful stuff. Despite the cost, my sister just gets so ridiculously excited that I can't help but agree year after year. Plus trying to find stuff that works for the right price/quality is the best part. I love a challenge.

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for the fashionistas on your list:

Info under the cut! :)

1. Little Pyrite Cluster Necklace - YellowLabCreations via Etsy - $10

I've been in love with this sweet little beauty for awhile. I purchased one for my sister living in Vancouver and she loved it. Most of the pieces in this shop are made from raw materials (talk about nature's beauty!) and the shop owner is an absolute doll, who has great communication and provides super fast shipping.

2. Pandora Charms - $30+

Pandora bracelets are always a beautiful, thoughtful gift and definitely seems to still be on trend this holiday, as every store I've passed has been packed to the brim. I know that this was on the top of my sister's wish list this year as well. The bracelets themselves are pretty expensive, but you can find a charm to fit almost any budget. 

3. Aqua Sparkle Studs - Starlight Woods via Etsy - $20

These are adorable little earrings made from the wood of fallen tree branches. Eco-fashion ftw. 

4. iPhone 4/4S Covers -  Kate Spade 1 / 2  - $35

I'm not sure how many people have switched to the 5, but stylish phone cases are always a great accessory. I love everything and anything Kate Spade, so it's no surprise that I find her hashtag series thoroughly fantastic (and amusing). 

5. The Chunky Cowl Scarf  in Eggplant - CTHandmade via Etsy - $35

Big, cozy, chunky knits will please even the most difficult person to buy for on your list and definitely helps to fill up those ever-expanding stockings must faster!

6. BassBuds in Platinum - $83 CAD ( exclusive xxelle $30 off coupon code: BB75259 )

 When I was first approached to review these little gems, I was honestly a little nervous and didn't quite see the connection between a plus-size fashion blog and earphones, then I clicked the link. These are by far the prettiest, most stylish little head phones I've seen in awhile. They have real Swarovski elements (it comes with a certificate of authenticity and everything!) and sound absolutely brilliant. 

BassBuds sent me a pair to test out and I can honestly say that I have never owned a pair of earphones this fabulous. I think my favourite part (besides the crystals and anti-tangle cords, of course) is the fact that they are compatible with smart phones and have an integrated microphone with a call/MP3 controller. You can learn more about their Crystaltronics sound technology and other specifications here.

Coupon code is good for the month of December.

7. Mock Garter Plus-Size Pantyhose - Donatella's via Ebay - $20 (free shipping!)

All I can say about these are....... OHMAGAD.  I can't even wait to get these on my body. 

This shop carries various sizes and styles from XL to 6X. 

Any other ideas to help me fill my sister's stocking with fabulous goodies?

xxo, dee

*Disclaimer: BassBuds sent me a pair of headphones to test out, my opinion is my own. The coupon code is an exclusive offer for readers of xxelle. For every purchase I am awarded a $10 referral credit which I will use in the future towards more giveaways! 

** Images are from seller/brand websites with the exception of the BassBuds photo, which was taken by myself.

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