Jul 20, 2013

2nd Annual BIG Deal Toronto

Hey everyone!!

It's that time again... shop your fave plus Toronto-based fatshion bloggers' closets at this summer's exclusive plus-size pop-up sale! Join myself, and fellow plus-size bloggers:  Curvy Canadian,  Round Raglan Road,  Queen Sized Flava,  Ruby Nite,  big hips, red lips,  Friends in my Closet, Rawrmanifesto, Flaws of Couture, Ursa Major, Clothes&Shit, Sodapop Sweetheart

I won't be selling clothes this year as I just made a big move and sadly gave away most of them!
However, I will be in attendance, and socializing with these lovely ladies.

Last year, if you came, you probably remember how crazyyyy hot it was!
This year BIG Deal Toronto is being hosted at 3030 Dundas Street West, there will be more space, AC and bevvies (of the adult variety) available! 

It's FREE to attend, RSVP here and bring your pals: bigdealtoronto.com

I hope to see you there!!

xxo, dee


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