Sep 16, 2013

xxelle vacay - part two (warning: image heavy)

I have returned from my roadtrip to Florida, and it was ah-mazing!
If you didn't have a chance to follow along with me on instagram, here's a bit of an overview.

After Pittsburgh we drove FOREVER... through the beautiful Appalachian mountains, making pit stops along the way to take pictures and to stretch our legs. Of course, travelling by car, comfort in attire is key, so I went all out Canadian with my super-cute, pink plaid button down and paired it with my jersey high-waisted maxi from New Look. My outfit definitely made for an uber-comfy ride.

Click below to read more about my adventure & a review of my swimsuit! (warning:  I got a little snap happy and the post is image heavy)

A little creeped out by a 'Hills Have Eyes' character at a gas station around 10pm in Georgia, mixed with a little too much excitement, we decided to just continue driving through the night and arrived in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida for around 12pm. The condo which we rented via FlipKey was stunning, and the view was to-die-for! I ended up taking way too many photos of sunsets and palm trees - 2176 to be exact. What?! I wanted to remember every moment! haha

view over the sand dune from private beach access at the condo

sunsets with pelicans!!

We got up to a couple of adventures while we were there as well! Including gator hunting (hunting as in looking for them... like where's waldo but with big, carnivorous reptiles.) and swimming with manatees in Crystal River. I was a huge chicken about both of them, but I did it thanks to some persuasion from my fearless cousins, they really took me out of my comfort zone and made me live a little, one of the many reasons I adore them. 

mama manatee & baby

bathing suit - heart print bikini top from torrid // swim skirt, custom from Designs By Ro // sunglasses from Aldo
boardwalk outfit - striped shirt from old navy // Isabella maxi skirt from SWAK Designs (Fuerza by Rosie Mercado)

My apologies for taking so long to post this! I wanted to make sure I got to share everything, and had a chance to go through my thousands of photos to at least give you a little taste of what I wore.

In this post, I decided to just feature my favourite outfits instead of everything I wore. It was really hot, so a lot of what I packed for couldn't even be used in Florida. I loved my bathing suit, it covered the stuff I wanted to, but left me feeling like a total babe the whole time. The swim skirt from Designs by Ro is custom made, as all of her orders are. It is really great quality and can definitely endure some tough love, make sure you order early for next season though, as her orders fill up very, very quickly. Please note that her swimsuits are handmade so keep that in mind when considering pricing and timelines.

I loved the skirt from Rosie Mercado's line for SWAK, I had been looking for one just like it for awhile, it's perfect for dressing up for a dinner or wearing as I did casually for a walk along the boardwalk.

Words can't even begin to describe how much I miss this place! Someone bring me back!! lol
If you got this far, thanks for following along on my adventure! I will be posting my review for the Old Navy Canada Rockstar jeans super soon, now that I have this post out of the way. - hint: they totally rock.

xxo, dee

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