Nov 26, 2013

a body like mine

This post has been a long time coming, and as usual my apologies for taking so long to post something! (warning - it's a bit of a long one).

The truth of the matter is,  I haven't quite felt like myself for a couple of months now. Like the body that I knew, loved and cherished, wasn't mine. There wasn't really a reason for it, or anything in particular (that I know of ) that sparked it, it just kind of happened. There I was staring at photos of myself, trying to select my next OOTD post.

I hated every. single. one.
Hate is a strong word, but sometimes it's necessary.

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I chalked it up to a bad day and promised to approach it when I had another opportunity to post.
Again, I found myself disgruntled and downright uncomfortable in my skin.

I believe myself to be a body positive person. I don't really pay any mind, I try my best to eat properly (my version includes a healthy dose of cupcakes), get myself moving on the daily and not speak negatively of anyone's body... including my own. It makes loving the good things that much easier.

So I am writing this post, as a reminder to myself, and as a note to others that there will be days that you are not going to be entirely content with what you see looking back. It might be many days or a few short minutes before you realize once again just how fabulous you truly are.

My sister found this for me on one of my bad days, and I have used it here today as inspiration.
I am making a printable version available here - for you to print for yourself, or to share with others.

I would absolutely adore if you shared with me in the comments, how you remind yourself on your off days. As for me, usually what does the trick is a blow out and an outfit that celebrates the every curve of my body.

Thanks for sticking around as my blog fluctuates with the ebb and flow of my life (and clearly my emotions! lol ) I hope that I have not been too forward or too revealing for my little fatshion blog.

I have a SUPER SPARKLY holiday surprise coming next week (Thursday) for all of my readers, so make a note to check back!

xxo, dee

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